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Financial and Property Management

On receipt of the new order the TESPRANET SERVICES s.r.o. always carrys out inner audit of current processes, up-to-date budget and supplier's prices with the main goal to provide administration of property with respect to price versus quality of service.
TESPRANET SERVICES s.r.o. always offers and recommends to the owner of the property range of services, necessary for effective management of property.

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Financial and property management

  • complex management of the premises: management from A to Z
  • consultancy of the property status
  • preparation of the building maintenance plans and outside areas
  • regular financial and technical reports
  • regular contact with the owner of the property
  • Billing of the service charges
  • explanation of the billing results
  • budget preparation – costs
  • budget preparation – profit
  • annual and half-annual comparison of real costs with the budget including proposals of corrective solutions
  • property accounting
  • management, regular communication with tenants in accordance with a prearranged agenda
  • agenda of debtors based on delivered or up-to-date internal rules
  • Real estate services (coordination, cooperation or complete negotiation including contract settlement according to the agreed range), regular checks of the costs
  • negotiations and cooperation with property owner's legal advisors
  • negotiations with state administration and other authorities according to provided pwer of attorney
  • investment proposal




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Providing comprehensive maintenance of technical condition of property. Professional approach and appropriate technical background will increase the lifetime of the building and the value of client’s property. 24-hour breakdown service is provided in the Technical Management.


Providing all the services connected with administrative management of the property, representing the client at the meeting with partners, administrative managing of the property, preparing the operational code, economical services etc.

Financial and
Property Management

Property Management is a complex of services including administrative, economical an technical support of maintenance the property being administered.

Other services

In our portfolio of services to customers our company offers complex audit of operation the property, cosultancy including all the aspects of operation of property and consultancy for operating the property.


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