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The history of the company stretches back to the year 1998, in which it was founded by the
current company executive Mr. Michal Hořejší.
From the beginning the company takes care about two key points – construction and facility management.

Facility management

facility managementSince the beginning of its existence the company has had the headquarters of the facility maintenance department in Business Park Rudná, which was established in 1997. Tespranet has been providing technical maintenance as well as reconstructions, reparations or facility renovations during the whole period of time.

Property management

sprava budov enIn 2009 there was a need to divide Tespranet in two independent providers - the facility management division was transferred to a new company and the construction division was kept in the existing one. Therefore, a new company TESPRANET SERVICES s.r.o. was established on February 1st 2010 and took over the activities connected with provision of the facility maintenance. Henceforward Tespranet s.r.o. ensures construction works.

The structure of the company:

struktura spolecnosti en 

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TESPRANET SERVICES s.r.o. is a Czech company with 100% Czech capital.
TESPRANET SERVICES s.r.o. provides its services in the following languages – Czech, English, German and Russian, of course including all the technical issues and reports.

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Providing comprehensive maintenance of technical condition of property. Professional approach and appropriate technical background will increase the lifetime of the building and the value of client’s property. 24-hour breakdown service is provided in the Technical Management.


Providing all the services connected with administrative management of the property, representing the client at the meeting with partners, administrative managing of the property, preparing the operational code, economical services etc.

Financial and
Property Management

Property Management is a complex of services including administrative, economical an technical support of maintenance the property being administered.

Other services

In our portfolio of services to customers our company offers complex audit of operation the property, cosultancy including all the aspects of operation of property and consultancy for operating the property.


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